Monday, 14 June 2010

VFW Canteen

I first read about VFW Canteen a couple of years ago in a blog which briefly mentioned the huge Eggs Benedict they serve. I've tried looking for it since but never had any success. I mentioned it to Gem one afternoon while driving to Angeles for a Kabigting merienda. She immediately texted her friend (who happens to be the Marketing Manager of Clark) who in turn did his snooping and finally found its address.

Armed with that, we drove to Clark one sunny Sunday morning in search for an enormous plate of brunch. The address sounded pretty straightforward but of course we got lost. We asked a few people around but nobody knew where Don Juico Ave. is. Eve the tricycle drivers didn't know. Don Juico turned out to be one of the largest streets just outside Clarkfield. I was really puzzled why nobody knew where it was.
After a few more minutes of driving around, we found the Fatboy Carwash landmark, made a right turn, and ended up immediately in front of the canteen. We got in and asked for the menu, which is available for download here.

The menu was quite extensive, and I got overly excited poring through it. In the end I chickened out and didn't order the Eggs Benedict. I wasn't sure if I can manage it on my own, and I hate wasting food. Pedro wanted something else so I decided to get the Shit on a Shingle (SOS) a wartime staple for GIs also known as Creamed Beef on Toast instead, which was wonderful. Two cups of real brewed coffee. Asked for the bill and it was pretty affordable for brunch for two. I was tempted to order dessert, or at least a stack of pancakes but I was too full to enjoy it. We'll just go back really soon!

Before leaving I went to the bathroom and realized that there was another room on the other side of it. It was a smoking bar, with an enormous flat screen TV showing CNN. At the bar and on the tables sat about a dozen white folks enjoying their Sunday brunch with beer and Bourbon Sour.

Definitely going back there! Join na!

VFW Post 2485 Post Canteen
Santol Rd. cor Pinatubo Street
045-892 2408

From the Friendship Gate, drive towards Fields Ave. Look for the tiny Fatboy Carwash (a couple of blocks after Zapata Mexican Resto) and turn right on the next street. It's about 30 metres from the corner.

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