Friday, 18 June 2010

A Taste of Pretentious

Nothing would make me happier than to see this restaurant lose money and shut down.

I am reminded of this snob who used to work for Ayala Museum's Museum Cafe. They have the best cakes in Makati. I've tried Avocado, Chocnut, and a few others and they were soooo good.

One afternoon, I was with a friend hoping for a spot of lunch when we decided to eat there. It was 230 in the afternoon on a weekday so the restaurant was quite expectedly empty. There was nobody at the door so we made our way inside and sat at a table at the back. This guy (probably head waiter or even the restaurant manager, pale glutathione skin, goatee) was preparing to give us a masterclass on being a snob when he approached our table.

Snob: Do you have a reservation?

Me: (I stared at him then gave the room a scan.) Do we need one?

Snob: We prefer it if our diners make a reservation prior to showing up.

Me: I think you prefer it if you have diners. Get us the menu, prick.

Ok, I didn't really say prick. But he grudgingly got us the menu. I made it a point to leave a two-peso tip. Months later I saw him working at Chelsea Market Cafe in Serendra. Got fired, much? Or isa lang may-ari nung dalawa?

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