Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Didn't mean to disappear for over a year. Well, I didn't really. My readers are people I see everyday, and there's even a question whether readers should be plural. Wehehehe.

Today, Pres. Al Gore is in Manila to deliver a lecture entitled "The Leader as Environment Steward." Very impressed with SM's initiative to go green. Every Wednesday they use brown paper bags at their supermarkets. The cashiers and baggers hate those brown bags. They break easily and when you're buying fresh chicken it has to be wrapped in plastic twice then double brown bags. Yay.

SM has really gone a long way from the glaring fluorescent lights reminiscent of Isetann Department Store Cubao, no? They have redecorated! Amazing what a simple shift to warm lighting makes.

And while SM is on a roll about making a difference, I just wish that they'd rethink their labor contractualization policy. It's great that they have all this concern for the environment, but a greater concern for their workers would be more appreciated, to be sure.

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