Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I hate going to World Trade Center. It's such as schlep. But since my children are competing in the Best Cheesecake Competition in this year's MAFBEX, I braved the heat and traffic and paid PhP50 pesos to get in and enjoy an enormous room full of gadgets, food equipment and free tastings!

Ok, here's the thing. It's great that St. Benilde is hosting the event. I think it's a fantastic experience for the students to help organize and carry out MAFBEX. But did they really have to get a random student group called The Managers to sing songs during intermission? I think I speak for everyone in that hall that awkward silence was preferable to this group's horrible singing. They were so bad that at one point they were even laughing at each other. While still performing.

When I tasted Bea and Kevin's Black Sesame Cheesecake and Matcha Ganache on Sable Breton, I knew it was a winner. And it was! It was delicious. Even Pedro agrees.

This one was from the team next to ours. Very pretty fruits and chocolate wedges. Very pretty indeed. Tasted like an average cheesecake, though.

I had my eye on this Orange Fantasy. It looked so promising. I would've infused a bit of Grand Marnier in the cheesecake and roasted the oranges a la plancha for a bit of smoky, tart effect.

This is the gayest Halo Halo theme ever. Reminds me of an Alma Moreno dance number.

Grade 2 Art project entitled "Tissue Holder ni Regine Velasquez."

My favourite design. Stenciled or hand-painted yata. Pretty average flavour, though.

Biggest disappointment. When you're presenting something this messy, you better make sure that the flavour will make up for it. It didn't. The use of Kapeng Barako was very promising, but the taste was truly forgettable.

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