Monday, 22 November 2010

Loco Frio

Boracay is about tanning yourself silly and getting plastered. Loco Frio is perhaps the only kiosk on the beach I can think of which fully understand this.

The idea is very simple. Six different flavours of virgin frozen drinks, optional shot of liquor (at about PhP 50/shot) and you're good to go. Nothing beats getting drunk on frozen cocktails on the beach after your buffet breakfast.

Love these tumblers, too. They charged PhP 250 for a frozen cocktail (price includes shot of liquor and the 600 mL tumbler). Refills only cost PhP 150 (so PhP 100 for no liquor). Had a look at their Facebook page and under Discussion there's a link to Franchising. Nothing mentioned there, just three excited girls asking to bring Loco Frio to their shores.

Grab one when you're in Boracay. Actually, keep grabbing until the people around you start looking attractive. Enjoy!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Toyota Classics 2010

Friends are our best assets, and their value greatly improve when they work for a law firm who represents Toyota Philippines, and therefore gets lower box tickets for a truly fantastic concert.

Pedro and I haven't been to a show in CCP for what must've been at least a year so we were pleasantly surprised when we got an invite from Atty AOA and Atty JGP to watch this year's Toyota Classics offering. And cocktails start at 6:30.

The food was provided by Barbara's. Or was it Tamayo's? I can't remember now because when I thought about taking note I was already slightly drunk, and these days it doesn't take much for me to get there. Whoever it was, they did an excellent job. The waiters kept the wine and other drinks flowing, they served roast beef and mash and the food was very, very good indeed!

Now I must say I'm a bit concerned about the performance before getting inside the Main Theatre. I was having flashbacks of the Julia Duncan performance during the 2008 Toyota Classics. So it was quite a relief to find out that the Orchestra Citta di Firenze, tenor Leonardo Melani and our very own soprano Maria Rachelle Gerodias were prepared to give an outstanding, extremely polished performance.

During the intermission we went back to the cocktails area for more food. The lawyers arrived late from Ortigas and were famished so we were more than happy to accompany them. The wine flowed again. The roast beef, mash and gravy kept coming. Then we were ushered back to our lower box seats.

All in all the performance and the entire evening turned out quite well. Even FVR and Mrs. Ming Ramos approved.

Thanks Toyota Philippines, Atty AOA and Atty JGP!