Monday, 14 June 2010

New Orleans Bourbon Street Steaks and Oysters

That was one disappointing dinner.

We couldn't sit outside because there was a musical act on and like in many restaurants here in the Philippines the speakers were on full volume and it was really quite noisy. Grudgingly, we marched inside and sat on one of the booths. It was roomy and comfy. The decors were pleasant. Found it difficult to tell which ones are the waiters and which are customers looking for the toilets.

I started with gumbo soup, thinking of the huge bowl they serve at Gumbo's. It came in a tiny cup. The flavor was a bit of a blah. It tasted like microwaved frozen gumbo leftover from three days ago. Still hungry, I ordered the ribs and thought the one I always get from Rack's was much better. We also ordered the duck salad which had caramelized walnuts. Thought that was nice but for the price I expected more than three slices of duck breast. The dressing was spot on, though.

I get that the restaurant is trying to be a New Orleans themed restaurant. But really, they could have done more research on the food. It was ok at best, but factoring in the prices (pretty steep!) it's just not worth it.

Another restaurant observation. When I order beer, I expect it to be cold. And preferably served with a chilled glass. I don't want to drink cold beer straight from the bottle when I'm eating out. That's just crude. I prefer it in a chilled glass. Chilled, not full of ice. If I want beer and ice water I might as well stick to ice water. Why can't restaurants get this right?

See for yourself:
New Orleans Bourbon Street Steaks and Oyster
B6 Bonifacio High Street, Global City (856 4326)

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