Monday, 14 June 2010

Makan Sutra

I have been wanting to go to Makan Sutra at the Manila Ocean Park because I was craving for some hawker-style Singaporean food so I dragged poor Pedro there a few months ago. We were deeply disappointed. At the time it felt like a punishment for being too poor to fly to Singapore to eat the real thing.

It was a Saturday so we assumed that the Aquarium area would be busy, and it really was. We also thought that it would be wise to start thinking about food just after lunch to avoid the huge crowds. So at a little bit after 1 pm we headed towards Makan Sutra. As soon as we entered the disappointments started.

First, there were signs saying no photography allowed so naturally I took the camera out and began taking pics. With my bulk nobody seemed to want to stop me from doing this. What is it about these shops which put up these idiotic signs? They really bring out the worst brat in all of us, don't you think? When I see the sign "Thank you for not sitting" on sofas and beds in furniture shops I always make it a point to sit on them. "No private reading" would of course make me want to open sealed magazines and books.

At this time we were getting quite peckish. We had a look around and decided to order a few things. Five "Out of stock" orders later, we were getting annoyed. And to me the worst possible thing is getting annoyed while starving. It was ridiculous. Saturday, very busy day, just after lunch hour and they are out of most things on their menu. At this point we sort of just gave up and asked the embarrassed attendants what they DO have and settled for those. We ended up with this:

The roti and curry plate was excellent, although tiny for its price. We thought the Chicken Rice would be a safe bet but it was greasy and was mostly chicken skin and oily rice. Kadiri. The Seafood Pasta was forgettable. Jollibee's sweet spaghetti with hotdogs is far more interesting. That dumpling thing with prawns and toasted garlic was rather nice albeit a bit dull. Beer was expensive.

The verdict: Never again. Overpriced, nothing special, disappointing. Sayang.

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