Sunday, 26 April 2009

Master in Industrial Relations

What do you know, eh? Master in Industrial Relations, School of Labor and Industrial Relations, University of the Philippines Diliman. Finally

This year's SOLAIR graduation wasn't as fun as last year's primarily because I
graduated ahead of my friends who are too slow with their MA thesis. Serves them right for being lazy. Hehehhe.

The SOLAIR ceremony was actually quite sweet save for the rather blatant electioneering by our guest speaker, Hon. Cynthia Villar. Before the program started she instructed the staff to distribute 500 cardboard fans with Manny's accomplishments and pictures on it. Of course she re-told the story about Manny Villar spilling fish all over an office lobby and him not being embarassed to clean up the mess.

I suspect it's the only intersting Manny Villar story there is. Sure, says something about being brave and not being ashamed of who you are, although I would've preferred a story on how Manny Villar came to lose the Senate presidency and still bravely fights Ping Lacson on the Senate floor, but I digress.

After the ceremonies, the obligatory picture-taking. I only wanted a picture with my thesis advisers Dr. Theresita Atienza and Dr. Sani Yuzon, whose fault it is that I am graduating on time. Thanks, guys! And Pedro squeezed into the pic with Dr. Yuzon
happily shaking his hand. Don't they look pleased!

Thinking that I've never actually been to any University Graduation ever I thought I'd stay for the big one after our little do at SOLAIR. It was sooooooo long. And hot. Luckily, the SOLAIR seating area is shaded, but we had hundreds of honor students graduating this year that each one was called and given a medal.

It actually felt amazing being surrounded by thousands of UP students. Makes one so damn proud. Might be my first and last UP graduation so I'm glad I went.

After the big UP Naming Mahal song, we all dispersed and headed out of the campus. Pedro and I headed to a newly discovered Thai restaurant in Marikina (more anon) and had a lovely Thai meal.

God, I feel fat.

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