Monday, 6 April 2009


Downloading movies is sooo easy (and still illegal) these days that I'm surprised people still go to the cinema.

I took the bastard out to Eastwood for a bit of airing because he's been ratty all week. Not his fault; it's just how he is sometimes. Luckily a seemingly good disaster flick is out.

I wasn't so sure about going to see Knowing. It sounded like a gay expression I heard from friends from UP. I'm glad we actually saw it in the cinema. The special effects were amazing. You need fantastic surround sound to actually feel the movie, and that's exactly what we had at Eastwood Cinemaplex.

CGIs have come a long way since Chuck Perez's Bagwis from the 80's no? I have to admit I miss the stupidly cheezy effects of yore, but we got to give credit to those fantastic computer techies for stimulating our senses to the brink of a seizure.

Unlike the earlier disaster flicks where Tom Jones, Liv Tyler and Will Smith survived, everyone died in Knowing. Everyone. Well, except for the chosen kids who were abducted by the creepy Scandinavian aliens and taken to a new world covered in barley. Those kids are going to start a new world with just the clothes they were wearing (which were made of hemp) and the rabbits they brought along for the possibly dull journey.

If they get bored enough they might figure out how to make beer from the barley available to them. And the rabbits might help them realize how they might populate their new planet. I sense a sequel.

Go and watch it!

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