Thursday, 29 November 2007

Shiny Happy People

Saw another Louis Theroux's Weird Weekend episode on BBC 2. He spent an entire weekend with born-again Christians in Texas (where apparently three-quarters of the population are Christians). If you have DSL and have a decent downloading program (like eMule) this is the stuff to eat up your bandwith with. Or you can do the right thing and buy the DVD series online.

Unlike the angry-making documentary on the Westboro Baptist Church, these people actually look happy. Not angry, not condescending, and certainly not violent. They're just... happy. Maybe there's something we can learn from these people.

Here's a clip of Louis Theroux doing a cover of George Michael's Faith with The Family: Years ago The Family became headliners for using a very unconventional technique of recruiting people called flirty fishing, although while watching the documentary it was very obvious that not a single member of the group is attractive enough to do much with this strategy.

Now if Mormons did that the entire country would be wearing a white shirt with an I LOVE JESUS pin on the breast pocket. Have you seen those guys? I remember years ago my best friend Aissa was alone in their house one lazy afternoon. A knock on the door and when she answered she saw two guys from Salt Lake City who asked her if she has met her Savior. She immediately let them in. They showed her leaflets and tried converting her. She served them snacks and ogled. We reckon they left after noticing Aissa all giggly and drooling.

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