Tuesday, 6 November 2007

God Hates Fags

Saw Louis Theroux's BBC documentary on the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, entitled "The Most Hated Family In America." Watch it here before it disappears: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4413388146858417528.

As with any cult, the members are of course blindingly unaware that they are in a cult. Fred Phelps, "Gramps" as they call him, is the patriarch of the church which members are mostly his extended family. But unlike other charismatic preachers and founders of similar groups, he appears to be vengeful, bitter and patently as charismatic as a flake of dandruff.

The interesting aspect of the documentary is that Theroux was able to penetrate the cult at all. The entire time I kept expecting members of the congregation to mob and stone him to death for asking his questions. I wonder if the members thought him stupid and pointless anyway so he can't be capable of posing any threat, or they are just simply starved for attention that any exposure is considered a nod from a wrathful God who hates fags, dead soldiers and, curiously enough, Sweden. Their website, http://www.godhatesamerica.com/, is worth a read.

Expectedly the knee-jerk reaction of any self-confessed fag is hate for this group, but when one really thinks about it, it became too difficult to ignore the thought that the younger members are most probably don't understand what they're doing, but they've been doing it since they were four, so it becomes their outlook by way of forced habit. One gets the feeling that some of them don't really believe what they're saying, but they've said it already so they have to stick to it. And like your average religious fanatics, you wonder if they just need a good fuck to put their lives into perspective.


Anonymous said...

Hey, we expect that some members of the society will still be pushing this advocacy to wipe away "fags" and continuously let us realize our own "damnation" here in the world.

We nevertheless stand to prove our worth in this grief-stricken world. I wonder if they have done the same thing to survive. Or maybe they are just ridiculing for their own good.

God Bless us!


Anonymous said...

Bading kasi si Wally.
I'm not hating, just saying.

Anonymous said...

In England 'fag' is slang for a cigarette, so I'm not in the least surprised God has given them up. Well done Him!

Isn't it strange how anti-gay activists always seem to be ugly as sin? Someone should tell the gruesome specimen with the 'No Tears For Queers' placard that he is in no danger of being molested by homosexuals. Or women, for that matter. Even our dog would think twice and she, as Walter pointed out, is SUCH a tart.