Monday, 22 November 2010

Loco Frio

Boracay is about tanning yourself silly and getting plastered. Loco Frio is perhaps the only kiosk on the beach I can think of which fully understand this.

The idea is very simple. Six different flavours of virgin frozen drinks, optional shot of liquor (at about PhP 50/shot) and you're good to go. Nothing beats getting drunk on frozen cocktails on the beach after your buffet breakfast.

Love these tumblers, too. They charged PhP 250 for a frozen cocktail (price includes shot of liquor and the 600 mL tumbler). Refills only cost PhP 150 (so PhP 100 for no liquor). Had a look at their Facebook page and under Discussion there's a link to Franchising. Nothing mentioned there, just three excited girls asking to bring Loco Frio to their shores.

Grab one when you're in Boracay. Actually, keep grabbing until the people around you start looking attractive. Enjoy!

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