Thursday, 29 January 2009

Playing by Ear

Ishna came along and we trotted off to Galleria Duemila in Pasay City for the Australia Day 2009 do a bit after 6 pm. The program said 7 pm, and we thought it might take a full hour to get there from home, and anyway they never start on time. So we got there at about 730 pm and realized that Grace Nono already sang, and a few people were leaving already. Shit.

The wine stopped after one glass. The beer and juices didn't. Two thumbs up for the cold drinks and the little snackettes. Well done.

Heaven knows how the Aussies found that venue. It was great though, albeit a bit difficult to find. I don't know anyone who wakes up any day and say, "Hmmm. I think I'll buy contemporary art in Pasay today." It was one of those big old houses of the old rich, those people who strolled in Dewey Boulevard after dinner at Senor Alba's. Gorgeous place, that. Actually, the entire street seems to be built round about the same era.

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