Sunday, 11 January 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Jessica Zafra beat me to it. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button IS Forrest Gump.

Knowing that the Christmas rush is over, we left the house at 5,30 pm hoping to catch the 6,20 pm screening at Shangri La. Tangna matraffic pa rin. So we didn't get to that, but luckily the one in SM Megamall was just starting when we got there so we promptly bought tickets and went in.

Incidentally, Brad Pitt is getting hotter. For over a decade now, everyone says he's the hottest man alive, and I never really saw it until recently. Compare:

In Thelma and Louise, and NOW:


And can I just say something here. Back in the late 80's to early 90's we went to the cinemas for movies because it was either that or a bad pirated VHS copy of the movie from your friendly neighbourhood rental store. We really didn't mind those uncomfortable cinema seats. If I remember correctly they were charging something like PhP 30-40 per entry then. Now we paid PhP 142 for a ticket to watch this movie at SM Megamall, and the seats felt like they belong to some long-haul bus company.

I don't mind paying that much if I get super comfy seats like the ones in Gateway Mall or Shangri La, but PhP 142 for a leg cramp and numb ass cheeks is just a bit too much for us. Also, what the hell is going on with the security guard flashing his torch every five minutes? I know they're trying to stop film piracy by catching those silly people who secretly film the screen inside the cinemas, but I'm pretty sure a pirated DVD copy of the movie is already available at St. Francis Square and Metrowalk anyway, so why bother. And if one's really serious about recording the movie inside the cinema I don't think the security guard's flashlight would deter him. I mean, come on. It was actually quite annoying that.

And don't you just hate those people who talk inside the cinema? Yap yap yap yap nonstop. I know it's quite rude and possibly unsanitary, but I do wish I have enough courage to stand in front of these people and spit on their faces. If that doesn't shut
them up I don't know what will. This sort of behaviour really just puts one off from bothering with catching a film at a cinema and just relying on the dependability of our pirated DVD vendors in malls.

After the movie we had a look inside Booksale at the basement and found a few books. Peter got two books on Billy Connolly and I got Graham Norton's Queer Facts for a total of PhP 500. Not bad, no?

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