Sunday, 23 November 2008


Just when I thought I was about to give up on local indie films they came out with Concerto. No, I have nothing against indie films per se, it's just that in recent months the indie films they have been churning out are either sooo bad they have to include the gratuitous sex scene to entice the public to go and see it, revolve around gay characters or the most common formula which invariably includes a gay full frontal, lots of sweaty action and the token sexy girl who gets screwed by some closeted or bisexual character on the side. It was seriously getting exasperating.

Then Concerto.

I must say, the direction is fabulous. A low-budget period film has all the precondition for a poorly executed movie, but Concerto somehow managed to avoid that. I've never heard of the director/writer Paul Alexander Morales before, but if this is any indication of where his career is going then he'll be fine. I can't wait for him to do another film.

I just don't get why such a beautiful film like this only got seven (yes, seven. I counted) people to watch it at Robinson's Galleria on a Saturday night. Sayang talaga. Go and see it if you can. If anything, it's a great date film because the cinema's virtually empty you can neck each other to death.

Screening schedules here:

Gorietta 4, Cinema 4
12:50 PM
3:15 PM
5:40 PM
8:05 PM
10:30 PM LMF
Price: 130

Indie Sine, Robinson's Galleria, Cinema 8
1:00 PM
3:30 PM
6:00 PM
8:30 PM LMF
Admission Price: P141

The movie trailer is available here or here.

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