Friday, 1 May 2020

Discovery Shores Boracay

God I love my best friends.

While at CCP for the 2010 Toyota Classics, Atty AOA asked me if I wanted to go to Boracay. Another lawyer from her firm had to cancel, and her ticket and hotel booking would go to waste if nobody used it. Didn't take much convincing for me to say Yes!

Friday morning we flew to Caticlan and was met by the Discovery Shores van, taken to a private jetty where the Discovery Shores Boat was waiting to take us to the resort. I've never been to Boracay. I've actually actively avoided going there. I was under the impression that it was like Malate or Greenbelt but with a stretch of beach where the parking lot is supposed to be. The people who rave about Boracay are those I hate most: party circuit people who wear skimpy clothes for the straightforward purpose of getting laid while under the influence of liquor.

Well, I'm glad I went. It was beautiful. Finally realized now why people love the place. A bit busier for my taste (and it's not even peak season yet) but gorgeous! And let me say it now then I'll shut up. I love Discovery Shores Boracay. I was even surprised to see one of my former students working there.

Lunch at Discovery Shores' Sands Restaurant was delicious. I'm glad we had to order a la carte because they didn't have a lunch buffet that day. If they did I may never leave, like Homer Simpson in that episode with the seafood buffet.

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